Terms and Conditions

Asarar’s user terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Cambodia, and users hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the National Commercial Arbitration Centre of Cambodia or courts of Cambodia. Asarar will not take any responsibility for the content of job advertisements placed on this website, including images, words, job descriptions, advertisements, news, job contracts and/or conditions, as well as all other content in compliance to your/our country’s law, regulation and legislation on employment. Users agree to take personal responsibility when using Asarar in compliance to your/our country’s law, regulation, and legislation.
Users are strongly encouraged to read this Terms and Conditions carefully to have an understanding of Asarar’s policy and practices with regarding to the treatment of personal information and data provided by the Users on the Site. The terms herein may be updated, revised, varied and/or amended from time to time as Asarar may deem necessary and/or appropriate.
Our Privacy Policy is also an index of this Terms and Conditions.

  1. "Asarar" is a collective term for the website and CVs search.
  2. "Users" is a collective term for those using Asarar for the posting of job information, registered members, or anyone using Asarar's services.
  3. Users should use Asarar at their own will and responsibility.
  4. Asarar provides services to users on the condition that users accept all terms and conditions listed in this document. By using the site, Asarar assumes that Users have agreed to all terms and conditions.


    1. "Members" are registered users
    2. Asarar assumes Members have agreed to all Terms and Conditions upon registration.
    3. By using one's own member's page within Asarar, Members can check, modify, add, and delete all information entered upon registration and also the information relating to newsletter subscription at any time.
    4. Members can delete their registration by themselves in their own member's page within Asarar.
    5. If a Member does not log in to their member's page for a period of 1 years, his/her membership may be deleted without user' agreement.

Asarar reserves the right to stop/delete a Member's registration if he/she violate any of the said Terms and Conditions.
Prohibited Actions
The purpose of Asarar is to assist individuals to find employment and companies to find suitable candidates. Preventing or interfering with those purposes is prohibited. Asarar, reserves the right to decide what is considered to be preventive action and / or interference to the said purpose and ban registration for anyone who violates these terms.

Examples of Prohibited Actions are listed below. 

  1. Registration and provision of false information.
  2. Violation of copyright, trademark right, privacy right, image right, credit, property and other intellectual right of use.
  3. Abuse and defamation to any individual and/or organization.
  4. Violation of acts, public order and morals, or any action that potentially has negative effect to Asarar.
  5. Antisocial acts.
  6. Preventing Asarar's operation or damaging Asarar's reputation, or any other action that may negatively affect Asarar.
  7. Using information gained through Asarar's service for reproduction, sales, publishing and other purposes beyond personal use. Using Asarar's information for commercial purpose or provision.
  8. Accessing Asarar user's undisclosed data and accounts, or attempt to do so.


 Asarar may also prohibit other acts not listed above.
Services and Information Provided by Asarar

  1. Information on third parties shown on Asarar (such as Recruitment information, company information, personal information registered by Members, data, advertisements, graphics and links) are provided /disclosed at the responsibility of the said third party. Asarar does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.
  2. Information provided by Asarar may include some technical errors and typographical errors. While Asarar strives to produce a system / service, Asarar does not guarantee that the services are error which may be of inconvenience to users.
  3. Links embedded in Asarar, may take you to websites operated by third parties. These linked sites are not under the control of Asarar, and Asarar is not responsible for the content of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site, or any changes or updates to such sites. Asarar is providing these links only as a convenience to users, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by Asarar of the site nor any commercial relationship with that site.
  4. Some names of product, service and company, which are included in the information provided by Asarar are protected by trademarks and intellectual property rights. Reference to these trademarks by Asarar does not mean that those trademarks are not protected by law. It does not mean that there is a commercial relationship with Asarar and the holders of those trademarks.


  1. Asarar is not responsible for any damage (such as emotional distress, interruption of job / CVs searching process and other damage including financial loss) caused by registering and using Asarar.
  2. Due to personal information being acquired by third parties, Asarar is not responsible for the scenarios listed below:
      1. When Users disclose their personal information by themselves to companies they wish to apply for by using Asarar 's online functions means that users agree to disclose their personal information to the companies they applied to. After the application was made, the handling of personal information becomes the responsibility of each company the user applied to. Asarar is not responsible for how any third party handles personal information. When users apply to companies directly and disclose their personal information by themselves such as sending Cover Letters or CVs, Asarar is not responsible for how each company handles one’s personal information.
      2. Asarar is not responsible for disclosing personal information if the individual was identified by chance from information other than personal identification information provided by the user in one's profile.


Asarar is not responsible for damage / loss of information caused by computer viruses that cannot be prevented by general anti-virus measures, convulsion of nature, and other damages caused by reasons separate from Asarar 's direct area of responsibility. Asarar recommends that all users back up their own data.


User will accept claim for restitution either directly or indirectly if a user acts in any way against the Terms and Conditions causing or potentially causing damage to Asarar.

Copyright / Intellectual Property Rights

Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights of all information provided by Asarar (such as contents and information) belong to Asarar. However, information such as product name, company name and logos include trademarks and registered trademarks are possessed by each company.

Asarar’s Services

Asarar also reserves the right to change the service fee or institute new charges, from time to time, as it deems appropriate. In the event that any Advertiser fails to pay the service fee or any other fees or charges to Asarar, Asarar reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Advertiser’s web page and/or advertisement and/or right to access the Database, without prejudice to all other rights and remedies available to Asarar.
Asarar can also access to account of users to help them if it is necessary.
Asarar may, without prior notice, modify or discontinue its services temporarily or on long-term basis, or terminate its service and the users agree to such condition.

Modifying Terms and Conditions

Asarar can modify the Terms and Conditions at any time. The modification is made by revising this page.

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