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Job Details

Level : Entry Level
Year of Experience :
Hiring :
Salary : 160 - 200
Gender : Male / Female
Age : 18 - 25
Term : Full Time
Function : Admin & HR
Industry : Others
Qualification : Degree
Language : - Excellent
Location : Phnom Penh

Job Description

Job Description

- Monitor staff attendance and leave administration

- Review and update employee rules and regulations

- Maintain the human resource information system and employee database

- Recruiting staff

- this includes developing job descriptions, preparing advertisements, checking application forms, short listing, interviewing and selecting candidates.

- Working with local authority to ensure the employment is compliance with Cambodia Labor Law and government regulation.

- Assist management team to solve daily tasks or problems inside company

- Developing policies on issues such as working conditions, performance management, equal opportunities, disciplinary procedures and absence management

- Maintaining and controlling Office Stationary and Fixed-Asset

.- Other related as needed.                 

Job Requirements

Job Requirement

- Both male and female, age 25-35 years

- BBA in Related field. 

- Minimum experience at least 1 year

.- Excellent communication skills, good judgment ability and multi

‐tasking skills. 

- Ability to change direction in response to a fluctuating work environment.

-  Knowledge of computer application Microsoft office suite. 

- Fluently speaking/writing/listening English. - Able to work under pressure and team work



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Contact Information

Email :
Mobile Phone :
093 829993
Office Phone :
011 829993
Address :
# 23D, strees 11Az , Sangkat Touk Tla, Khan Sensok , Phnom Penh.

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